CubeSat ODU

The ODU cubesat is one of three satellites in the Undergraduate Student Instrument Program (USIP) Virginia Constellation, in collaboration with UVA, VT and HU. Our objective is to more accurately determine the effect of atmospheric drag in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and validate a novel inflatable drag brake. This is ODU's first cubesat, and the first steps into our fledgling space program.

We will collect Global Positioning System (GPS) and accelerometer data throughout the flight. Using the collected data, we will be able to infer the drag on the satellite in both normal and deployed states. We will also communicate with other satellites in the constellation to ensure full data recovery and perform ranging experiments to validate the GPS data.

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  • See the CONOPS for more about the project.
  • See the SRS for more about the software.

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Research Documentation

  • Why C and not C++?
    • The C language has a larger community for embedded projects.
    • The C language will provide more flexibility in future ODU space missions for computer engineers. This is because it is more portable than C++ between embedded architectures. For example not all functionality of C++ is available out of the box on AVR.
  • Operating Systems Research